POSpod® Kiosk — State-of-the-art cash access kiosks designed to integrate into the casino floor providing patrons: privacy, self exclusion, rapid approvals, dynamic fees, signature capture, enhanced security and a PCI / P2PE certified technology stack.

Gaming Processing Codes

Existing cash desk POS terminals have retail processing codes - Passport Technology uses gaming processing codes 6051, recognized by reputable networks worldwide.

Built in Reporting

AML reporting and Social Responsibility opt out functions built in.

Real time back office reporting

Casino will be able to see who is accessing cash from reports and live alerts can be set up for VIPs

  • Kiosk is easily recognized by Patrons as a new "quasi cash" access point
  • Unlike other "like" payment companies, Passport kiosks have many layers of security including A.V.S, C.V.V. and Validation function to eliminate fraudulent use
  • Fall Back function prevents multi chip and PIN attempts
  • Kiosk & Console design may be customized by casino and by kiosk location — in discussions to have MSC Cruises promo scrolling or looping
  • Cashiers & Management enjoy highly efficient software & robust functionality — 99.99% uptime with hotspot redundancy
  • All data is held securely on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, data is never sold, transferred or shared and all transactions are encrypted via P2PE so no card data can ever be compromised
  • 24/7 real service person (no automated answer machines) and Help Desk