Loyalty & Mobile

Lush Loyalty & Rewards

Lush delivers a unique experience for casino patrons with numerous features and functionality. Patrons are fully engaged with the loyalty platform through the kiosk or mobile application from loyalty enrollment to gift redemption.

Patrons can enroll and receive a player card directly from the kiosk, streamlining the process and speeding up the time to play. The cloud or locally hosted, HTML5-based platform reduces the installation time and eliminates expensive licensing fees.

  • Acquire, Retain, and Grow Customer Loyalty and Engagement
  • Marketing & Advertising Options
  • Simple Enrollment with Multiple Touchpoints

HTML5 Ready

First in the industry to leverage modern, secure web-based technology to deliver a robust, reliable patron loyalty platform

Earn & Shop

Providing the guest a unique experience with the ability to redeem points and comps for merchandise, allowing direct fulfillment, carrying zero inventory, and a myriad of reward options.

No Technical Footprint

Operators can lessen the burden of managing a marketing solution by hosting the platform. No Windows licensing or MS SQL licensing costs are required.

Vertical Integration

Hardware and software were developed by one vendor for the sole purpose of quality patron experiences and reliability.

Easy Administration

Other systems take hours or days to set up promotions. Lush walks the user through setting up real-time promotions in minutes through an easy-to-follow user interface.

Real-time Integration

No direct database connections or replicating are needed. Instead, Lush's API uses a regulated, secure gateway between the system and the platform.


The CashLoop payment platform provides patrons with convenient access to funds from their mobile device. Through the CashLoop wallet, patrons can withdraw and deposit from the casino cashier, CashStream redemption kiosk, and transfer funds between various integrated slot and table games.

Features & Benefits
  • Digital Wallets
  • Integrated with Major Gaming Systems
  • Increases Cash Access Touchpoints
  • Reduces Lines at the Cage and Kiosks
  • Increases Loyalty / Rewards Enrollment and Engagement
  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Incentivize Point Redemption
  • Responsible Gaming Features
  • Integrated with Passport Kiosks, Cage, Reporting, AML, and Responsible Gaming Software and Solutions
  • In-house Solutions vs. Third Party — One Point of Contact for Support