Jackpot Unity

The first all-in-one jackpot payout solution offering mobile functionality, Jackpot Unity streamlines the payout process with direct CMS integration and tablet-agnostic functionality. Digitally capturing and automating jackpot increase staff efficiency, reduces variances, and expedites payout, ultimately creating a better player experience.

Expedites Jackpot Payouts

Reduces the time needed for jackpot payouts by removing trips to the Cashier Cage, the need for various data entry touchpoints, and by allowing for the digital completion of compliance forms

Mobile Device Agnostic

Complete jackpot payouts, payment options, ID scanning, digital signature capture, and document review, all from the convenience of a modern mobile tablet

All-in-one Kiosk/Workstation

The integrated kiosk automates cash access during payout, provides multiple payout options, and reduces manual data entry within a compact footprint for easy installation in any size casino

Integrates With Top CMS

Being connected to the top casino management systems (CMS) allows data to be securely entered, processed, and saved accurately across multiple systems

  • All-in-one Jackpot Payout Solution
  • Mobile Tablet Functionality
  • Integrated with Top CMS
  • Automates Payout Forms
  • Compact Footprint
  • Process Jackpots Faster
  • Enhances the Player Experience
  • Reduces Variance and Data Entry Errors
  • Adds Operational Efficiency
  • Easy Installation, Anywhere